The lost little girl
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2002-01-24 18:22:11 (UTC)

Where do i even begin?

Have you ever felt trapped? No, well then boo to you, cuz i
have! I sometimes see myself as a precious little doll
belonging to a little girl who's unsure of the world around
her. When she gets lost...as do i. I'm scared of what is
happening and i seem to wander in my mind a lot...but then
there are times when i think this little girl in becoming
me...she's strolling around in my thoughts, sometimes making
me say things i don't want to say. she makes me small and
vulnerable. It doesn't bother me, but it is strange. only a
few of my friends have seen her, one in particular...he
knows who he is! Actually, speaking of, he has his own
strange side. He can creep down into this scared little boy
who's lost in the woods trying to get home...he thinks he
knows what home is, but he could never be more mistaken.
This is the bond the two of us share, we can always relate.
No matter what it is, or if we want to admit it...we are
totally alike. Even in love. I think this is why we fight
all the time. We fear our friendship...pftt...omg we really
do. I have never really thought that out before...anyway, I
am currently going through a game that's called " who hates
jane" musical chairs. Everyone does...well mostly everyone.
One day they will be wicked nice and act totally sweet..and
then the next day i find out " oh..by the way...he called
you a dumb bitch"...( jaw drops) i mean what the hell? Ah
screw them, i don't really care anymore, i can't ...i can't
care anymore...well i am gonna leave for now...love you all
who love me - byebyebye-janie

Daily Quote : " don't worry laura, you're a math major, you
aren't required to be humorous" - Kate ( sis)