Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-01-24 18:12:43 (UTC)

I'm driving lots!

Yesterday I drove us at lunch, and I drove us all the
way home, and later last night I drove to and from
Starbucks (my first time night driving!). I really think
I'm overcoming my fear at a tremendous speed. I haven't
gone on the freeway yet of course, but someday... Ryan said
once I master street driving (definitely changing lanes),
then I can try freeway driving. I think I can do it. I
don't know if I'll be perfect enough in six months to pass
my driver's test, but I don't need to drive alone much
anyway, so I'll take all the time I need.
I had the strangest dream the night before last. Well,
not the strangest, that would have to be the Japanese strip
club restaurant dream with the chickens... But I had
another kissing dream, only this time it wasn't Laura, it
was Daniel. And while Laura and I just gave each other a
little peck, Daniel and I were making out while laying down
and being really close. Yet somehow, I didn't really feel
anything when I kissed Daniel, but in my Laura dream, I was
totally in love with her. In fact, in the Daniel dream, I
told him that I liked his girlfriend, and that I'd had a
dream that I kissed her. In a way, the Laura dream was 10
times more intimate, even though the Daniel dream was
sexually more intimate. (We didn't have sex or even do
anything remotely close to it. It was just some heavy
making out.) What is the deal with all these kissing dreams
all of a sudden? It's so wierd. I would give anything to be
able to discuss these things with Laura, since she's my
friend and friends dream analyze together (my kind of
friends anyway), but I just can't bring myself to tell her
that I've dreamt about kissing her. I don't want her to
take it the wrong way (or the right way, whatever). I don't
want her to take it negatively. So I probably won't say