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2001-04-19 20:37:44 (UTC)

My day with Liz

Today I went to Sephora with my best friend, Liz (Elizabeth
or ElizaBITCH). They were having a Cosmopolitan party and
there were all these models in like swimsuits and stuff. It
was mad boring. We were just there for the goody
We didn't really know what to do, so we were just waiting
for the bags.haha. Then after that I came home to watch my
favorite soap, PASSIONS. That show freaks my out. I just
love it! Well, I watched that show today. VJ 4 A DAY.Dumb
ass show. I mean I don't want to sound ungrateful, because
I am so very grateful, and I'm so glad and happy that I got
this opportunity, It's been awesome, but that show is shit
now. Well I think we are definitely going to go to NJ
tomorrow. I haven't been there in 4 yrs. I'm guessing no
one will remember me. j/k. Them people have been asking for
me. Which I think is ironic due to the fact that they were
so two faced when I was in the 6th and 7th grade with them.
And now everyone is acting so strange towards me, like I'm
special or something. I honestly am not different at all.
But I guess I should enjoy the "fame" while it lasts.
Sooner or later people will stop bugging me about it. I
love the fans and all, but I cannot STAND it when as soon
as I sign on, I get like 15 IM's at once! It's like, what
the fuck?!? They look like they have nothing better to do
than IM me AS SOON as I log And now that I
got that out, I feel better. I like talking to them, but
not as soon as I log in, at least give me time to check my
mail. Geez. Ah well, haha, it's ok. But then they start
asking me "where are you?" I'm getting all these IM's at
once, I couldn't possibly write you back in 2 seconds. Well
that's about all for now. Um, I think I might go take a entry I'll talk about the other wannabes and
what I think about MTV, and about my "issues".

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