The Eye Into My Soul
2002-01-24 16:46:12 (UTC)

Class time...

I'm in class right now. It's honors (The Age of
Uncertainty) and we are signing up for days to do
presentations. My group is doing our presentation on Ethics
in a Multi-cultural World... in other words we are talking
about animal testing and the emphasis placed on animals in
other countreis... the rats in India for example.

I have my first Psychology quiz today. It's an online quiz
and we are allowed to take it as many times as we need to
to get 100%... the teacher thinks we're not going to
memorize the answers and then retke it but that is exactly
what I plan to do. Why study hard for a quiz that I don't
have to... besides I have tons of other work that needs to
be done.

I got to write briefs for my management class... I felt
very important to be reading cases and then writing briefs
about them... very lawyer-like. I really like that class
becuase the professor is lots of fun and therefore the
class is fun. Plus, the class is an honors seminar so there
is lots of discussions.

We're going to begin the painting of our room tonight. A
funny thing happened when we went to Wal-mart to get paint.
Well, my roommate and I didn't want to spend a bunch of
money on supplies so instead of buying the Wal-mart brand
paint for $11 we instead got the cheap $4 paint... there is
a slight problem with that the cheap paint is full in the
can where the Wal-mart brand has room for them to mix
colors in. So, the guy working there had to dip some of the
paint out so he could mix it... it was funny because he got
paint all over the place. But, we're in college and have to
conserve our money.

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