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2002-01-24 16:01:28 (UTC)

DAY 2 , ( keeping busy )

January 23, 2002 Wed.
I heard Michael alarm go off. I shook him sleeping next to
me to wake up and shut his alarm off. He said, oh mama do i
have to go to school today? I got up to shut his alarm off
in his bedroom. I said, yes, Michael you have to go to
school. He didnt want to go to school. I said, well since
you went yesterday on the first day that your dad left for
deployment i will let you stay home today. He said, gooood!
and went back to bed. I got up to take the dog out potty
our little puppy. and fed her and the cat and i myself went
back to bed. I and the boys got up at 11:30. We layed in my
bed talking and playing with the puppy. I told the boys i
will take them out to eat at Ryans around 2 p.m. and not to
eat til then. I did a load of laundry, picked up the house
while the boys played vedeo games together. Colton as usual
stated his crying at his brother Mike who is 12, that he
wasnt playing football the way he wanted him too. He kept
his whinning up and i told him i will not put up with that
for 6 months that your daddy is gone. You and your brother
need to learn to get along when you two play. If not i will
just take your game away from you. Its going to be a long
six months boys and im not going to listen to this not
getting along! There i said what i needed to. We left the
house before 2 to go eat at Ryans. We stayed at Ryans til
shortly after 4 p.m. long enough for me to get a slice of
ham and roast beef for the 4 oclock dinner but we paid for
lunch price.I went to the bank to take out 50 dollars to
get some things. From there we went to toysrus and looked
around. Michael used his gift car of $10 to get him a play
station 2 demo. Colton rode on several different auto to
see which one he wanted. He picked out the police motor
cycle. I told him mom had to go to bamk tommorrow and we
come back Thursday and get it. I been wanting to get him
one since Michael had one at Colton age 5. From there we
went to visit aunt Pat and uncle Joe. We got there about 6
p.m. I told the boys i wanted to be home by 7pm to watch
the rest of the movie from the night before called, The red
Thin Line. Pat invited us to stay and watch it with them.
Oh what the heck, theres nothing to do at home so why not
stay here. Joe and Colton went to get Pizza. Joes mother
which lives there with them didnt say nothing. She is
looking for a place to live due to Joe and Pat will be
moving in March or April. Edthe sat on the sofa filling out
a application for low housing project. I, Michael and Pat
went back to her bedroom to play Zelda which i never seen
played before. Michael played that while me and Pat talked
and watch. The boys got back with pizza before the 7p.m.
movie started. I told Michael we have to get right home
after the movie to feed the puppy thats been blocked off in
the kitchen since we left the house. I told him he will
clean up all messes from the dog. I asked Joes mom what she
going to do when they move, She got upset and blurted out,
they dont want me here anyway and stomp off into her room.
I really felt bad for saying that. I told Joe im sorry for
saying that. He and Pat said its not my fault. Joe got very
upset at his mom the way she stormed out of the room and he
stormed into her room, slamming the door behind him. Maybe
i shouldnt of said nothing to her. Before leaving their
place at p p.m. i gave Edthe a hug good bye. Back home the
dog didnt do to bad, she made a few messes but happy to
see us.Michael cleaned up the messes, i wiped mop the
kitchen floor with pine sol and to bed me and the boys
went. Al 3 of us slept together in my bed. After Colton
fell asleep i put him in his bed. The puppy was crying so i
took her to bed with me.