thouhgts of Sam
2002-01-24 15:49:07 (UTC)


Well here I am at school, I am in the computer lab. We are
doing our senior projects and I dont really want to do
"research" anymore. I am doing my project on video game
violence. I dont know it's kind of funny cause either way
it really doesnt matter to me. I wish they would just
relese whatever they want and then they would just have to
card you. Cause I'm 18 and I dont really care. I dont know
I am just saying that cause I have my paper on my mind I
dont know what I am going to do this weekend I hope that we
do something fun. I dont really want to feel like we wasted
the weekend. I have to work on saturday, but I think it
wont be so bad cause I really need the money and it is a
guarnteed 5 hours of work in the morning and then I have
like another 20 something minutes in the afternoon. I
really wish I had something to work toward to like give me
the drive that I used to have. I feel like I have lost the
drive I have all together. I dont know what to do. I dont
know everyone is stressed and I feel like I want to help
everyone but I cant really help anyone cause I dont even
know how to help myself. Yikes me not know what to do!