2002-01-24 15:22:49 (UTC)

Day One

January 22nd, 2002 starts day one for my husband and father
of being deployed to Germany, for 6 months up to 2 years. I
and our boys, Michael age 12 soon to be 13 and Colton age 5
drop Mike off at 6:45 a.m at the Kansas National Guard unit
in Kansas. There were at least one local news people there
setting up all their euipment to record live at the unit.
We pulled the car up next to the front of the building so
Mike could unload his duffle bags and other stuff. The
oldest son helped while i stayed in the car with the
youngest boy. We took our little puppy along for the ride.
Her name is, Sammie she is a 9 week old toy fox terrier. I
looked around while the car was being unpacked and seen few
other wives, family kids saying their good byes with hugs,
kisses and tears. i started to feel the tears in my eyes as
the time came near for us to leave. I felt the saddness and
tears in my heart for the boys being without their
daddy.Mike sat in the car with us for a few minutes before
leaving. Telling the boys to be good for mama and to
listen. We hugged and said our goodbyes as well. I slowly
pulled away from the curbing, looking back. The 20 minute
drive back home was a silient one. The oldest son had a
choice of his own if he wanted to go to school, he did. I
took him to McDonalds to get a sausage egg cheese english
muffin. and myself a coffe and cinnomon rolls for me and
Colton. Michael ate his breakfast in the car near the bus
stop til the bus came and he jump out of car to the bus
stop. I and Colton went home ate the rolls. Colton played
for a little bit with his nintoe 64 as i went back to bed
with the tv on. My mom called me shortly before 8 a.m. Her
first words were, how does it feel to be
alone.......strange to hear that early in the morning. Its
like she couldnt wait to call me to tell me that. We talk
for awhile, my cordless went dead so i hung up phone with
no intions of calling her back. I yelled out to Colton when
you get tired come in bed with mommy. I apparently dozed
off and spilled my coffee in bed. so i took the wet sheets
off and just put a blanket on top and changed my wet
clothes back into my pj's. The next thing i knew it was
1:30 pm i woke up and Colton is next to me sound
asleep.Michael came home from school, he did ok. He went
outside to play and me and Colton went to Macin park to
play. Boys and i had the rest of the chicken and dumplings
for supper that i cooked the night before. I and the boys
went to bed in my bed about 9:30 p.m. I took Colton
mattress off his bed and put on my floor for him to sleep
on. Michael and i slept in my bed. We watch a little of
Space Jam and fell asleep.

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