jalal's online diary
2002-01-24 14:23:05 (UTC)


hey guys
im in bangkok now and i cant wait to get back home. heres
my diary entry i promised u

hey all ive been soooo busy writing in my diary. let me tell ya
wat happend. 3 days ago we went to somewhere called
central. its like robson street in vancouver. i saw lots of things
BANG AND OLUFSEN had headfones for only 580$ hk!!@!

the daqy after we went to a mountainous place called the
peak, its like GROUSE mountain . amazing placxe. i used up
one new memory stick over tghere 64mb and i started to
panic cuz of shortage of pix. i had 37 pix left!!

we went to MADAM TUSSAUDS wax museum and we took
lots of pix. i liked the one with my bud SADDAMY , we'r coo.

yesterday we went to CENTRAL again and we went up a
mountain or something but we went up by escalator. we
viasited a mosque wich was built in 19Osomething by the
british for the indian army(that time india was under british
colonization) at night i walked 5 miles to hmv JUST FOR
SONAM'S d12 cd. (anything for the queen;) ) and now im sick
from it.. sniffle sniffle.

then i went to get my frends some presents. but i hope they
like it.. cuz i dont wanna hear " OHHhhhh,,.,..... u got me a
thing for my fone..... uhhhhhhh:" (damn cheap bastard ) and
iom say9ing that becuz if SOME ppl do, then im havbing
grilled balls for lunch.

today was pretty climactic. i woke up sich with a burning
throat, i took a strepsils tablet and went out with my TWIN
BROTHER KENAN so Sham Shui Po to get a cd writer (its an
electronics are) we were gonna buy a cdwriter for 778 hk
dollars, 385 dhs. and i saw an mp3cd player that plays 8cm
cds, and im like yaaaaaayyyyyy, then i heard the most terrible
words ever.... "MADE IN CHINA"
nooooooooooooooo in my head of cours.. then i went out and
ate a Filet o Fish meal , cuz meat isnt really halal over

we left sham shui po and wne to MONGKOK to see if there
were any new cds. i looked all over the cd mall for GTA3 for
ahmed but im sad i failed...

oh crapp i forgot to write this... yesterday.. we wnt to central
right? wel we went by the MTR train and came back by boat.
the views were spectacular and i loved it !!!

that night.. i heard my mom talking bout her wanting a
MASBA7a made out of jade. so i went to the night market and
well, i did a gentlemanly thing.. and bought her a jade
masba7a. only to find out later that it was a necklace and she
wanted 100 beads.. so im like noooooooooooooooooo but
anyways, she liked it... but im out of trouble now

we left hongkong normallay with nothing to say...

now im in thailand, and its kool here, i saw an elephant show
and a crocodile show and i went to THE ROSE GARDEN. we
were stuck ion traffic for around 6 hours altogether, i ll write
more wen i arrive in dubai on the 26 of jan at maybe 3-5 am

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