Puzzling out my life
2002-01-24 12:35:32 (UTC)

my crazy life

I've spent the past 5 days with David, and I've gotten
completely attatched to him. He tells me that he knows he
doesn't love me, of course, since we haven't known each
toher that long, but he adores me, which is just as good.
He's going to Chico tommorrow with friends (well, actually
today, since its 4 in the morning), and he wont be home
till Friday. It will be the first time since I started
seeing him that I've had to sleep a full night without him,
if you don't count tonight (this morining). I feel guilty
that I've moved on from Scott so quickly. I know that he
still expects me to come running back and that we'll get
married, but I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to
him. I've been happier since I got over him, and I don't
want to go trough that whole mess again. Faire will be
interesting this year, as we'll have to see each other for
the first time in a while. At least there;s still a few
months until FCC.
Hopefully I'll get that new job soon. I have to pay next
months rent in about a week, and I have about 30 bucks in
my checking account, not including the check I haven't
written in yet. I need to come up with at least 600 in 10
days or else I'm screwed. I know I can borrow a couple
hundred off of Jesse, and I may be able to squeeze 100 out
of Dad, if I don't tell Mom. but then I still need to worry
about phone, electric, food, etc. Plus I still haven't
payed off my school fees for this semester, and I can't get
my parking pass until I'm payed up. Oh well. The worst that
happens is that I have to move home. Although David's mom
is lloking for someone to rent a room to, and she'd prefer
a student... Another bonus is that she actuall lives in
Santa Cruz, but she comes up on the weekends to do work
around the house and make sure David soesn't starve himself
or something. Well, I'll figure out something by the first,
I hope.

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