Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-24 12:17:08 (UTC)

Eventful morning

Lol ok I woke up I got my school on and drove to school
well I get there only to see like noone in the parking lot
im like um ok so some girl calls her mom and her mom says
we have a 2 hour delay and im like for what well I call my
mom on my cell and im like check the tv sure enough we do
so I drive home. So im here thinkin damn I love this
school we get a delay for freakin fog how hella cool is
that? Well im gonna go find a way to get my sleep on
without messin up myself lol


Ps: Say a pray for my family for we are going through a
loss. Could of lost my dad yesterday he almost had a wreck
cause he was crying. I miss grandma but we all knew the
horrrible day would come.