What's up now?
2002-01-24 07:01:55 (UTC)

Long Talks...

Okay so the other night I said it sucked having long talks
before bed...and I thought that was the truth....Again
tonight I had another long talk that I thought was going to
lead to another restless night, but then we talked some
more, and it ended up okay...So maybe they arent so bad
after all :) Anyways...Today was pretty good! Wednesdays
usually are, being hump day and all...I mean it is almost
the weekend!!! Tomorrow's the last day of class before the
weekend!!! wooo hoooo!!!! I actually get to sleep in this
time :) Well, most of it anyways :) Tonight the girls and
I went to the SAC and went swimming...did some laps then
went in the hot tub and was very nice!! Then we
came back here, went on a short adventure to another snack
store on campus(Nick found this girls chip card, and we get
lots of flex dollars every semester, so we thought, what
the hell, lets use hers. And I looked the most like her,
but as it comes to find out, she didnt have any money on
her card, so we had to pay anyways....Damn!)then we came
back here and watched the new Daria movie(ooh was it good),
and then came the talk...but now I'm off to bed...sweet
dreams all...I miss my boyfriend, ya hear me? I MISS YOU!!!