Kittys thoughts
2002-01-24 06:49:14 (UTC)


Today David went to get food but there wasnt enough money
in the when he got home he called my mother to
tell her what happened...then when he got off the phone he
walked into the kitchen as I was walking out and he started
to talk to me about the situation...then he started
saying "Theres over a hundred dallors missing from our bank
acount,Im not talking money out,your moms not taking money
out" so I told him that it was probably a mistake that the
bank made because they have had some small problems in the
past with that bank...then he went on to say "I dont think
that its the bank" From the tone in his voice and the way
that he was acting made me feel like I was the one who did
it... So I said that by the tone in your voice I feel like
you think that I did it.He said "Damnit I didnt say that,I
didnt say SHAYNEE you did it." Then I told him that I didnt
say that he said that I did it,but that the tone in his
voice made me feel that way.Then he started mumbling
something that I didnt here,but he had started to raise his
voice so then I told him that I was ending the
conversation,He started saying something that was mocking
what I said then I walk away from the situation and said
that I had the right to end the conversation.

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