Angela Nicole

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2002-01-24 04:50:22 (UTC)


These last couple of months have just been hell.. I mean my
life is good I got a wonderful boyfriend, my grades are
good, I'm starting to get along with my parents better but
my weight is just bothering the hell out of me! SO BAD.. I
dont even like to go places.. im like 235.. I've never been
this heavy and its driving me crazy.. I used to party all
the time, like a wild partier, have TONS of friends now.. I
don't do anything.. I know I sound pathetic but I cant help
it .. What the fuck is wrong with me? I might get a gastric
bypass which I know is a huge deal but I think I will be
alot happier! My boyfriend isnt to for it.. But he
understands I gott do this.. Well im gonna go.. Dont really
feel like writting anymore..

Love Angela