Deep Down
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2002-01-24 04:40:56 (UTC)

One Voice Was Heard

I can hear the wind blow thru the trees.
I feel it on the back of my neck.
I smell the sweet pine.
I wish it were you.
The sun beating down upon me.
A tear forms at the corner of my eye.
It stings.
I try to hold it back, but it won't.
The waves, crashing upong the rocks below.
So beautiful.
Like a soulful harmony to my ears.
Like the voice I long to hear.
The eyes I long to see sparkle upon the beautiful waters.
As the sunset glows and highlights your hair as it blows in
the wind.
To lie under the stars at night and talk for endless hours.
To hold you.
Be with you.
Be you.
This is all I want.
I urn.
I love.
I care about.
Think about.
I love you.

Love Always Ike

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