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2002-01-24 04:25:52 (UTC)

Working it out

Me and Matt have decided that this year will be too hectic
for a relationship (we're both starting our senior years at
school)and im just not ready for another relationship, not
matter how hard i try and convince myself that i am.
Well, thats what i told Matt.
That doesnt mean its not true though...
Well, the thing is, i also like Alex... heaps! I just cant
get over him, i was so stupid to let him go and involve
other people in my stupid little problem.
But Im not going to try and get back together with him. Im
going to wait and see if i will still feel the same coz ive
changed my mind so many times i dont want to risk jumping
into something if im going to change it again.
Anyway, if i wait a couple of months not only will i make
sure that i know what i want, but if Alex decides he doesnt
want me and he can be happier with someone else, then he
will have the opportunity too. I would love to see alex
happy no matter who he is with, and to be honest there are
many other girls who could make him happier than i would.
Actually, it seems like he's getting over me already, which
is good coz then i wont be able to stuff him around like i
always manage to do, but bad coz well...

I want him back :'(