down in my eyes
2002-01-24 04:07:40 (UTC)

In too deep

Taday's one of those... nothing dayz.
Everyday's pretty pointless....
What the hell am i doing here..?
I KNOW that i shouldn't care wut other people think, and
i should just live my life,... but... those words come..
muuch easier said than done.

I'm alwayz needing something to grasp on to. something
to motivate me, to keep going,trying.
Yesterday, my rope of hope that i clung to for the last
two months, ... broke.
It's alil hurtful reminiscing,.. but.. mostly just an
empty feeling now..

..* I saw them together.... which was one of the last
things i wanted to see. I KNOW that i DOn'T own
him. and i DOn'T hate her. and.. i know,iknow,...
atleast.. they weren't hand holding or sumfin..
..But it still hurt. Alot.
..* He can't go anymore,.. tomorrow nite....
Sure, eeveryone's entitled to have sumfin come up, in
their schedule. He DID have a good excuse too,..
Sooo... therefore,.. i CANT be upset, rite? Rite.....?