2002-01-24 04:04:06 (UTC)


I should have made this entry last nite, when all the
events happened. Man, last nite was off the chain. I have
never laughed so much in my life or been so scared of
getting caught. I know I said I wouldn't mention Brian in
my entries anymore, but he might play a part in a lot to
come. Okay, me, Jacan, and Dee went to GMC last nite and we
sprayed Donta's car with silly string and some other stuff.
We put Torre's pictures on the jeep and I took the Clemson
Tiger stuffed animal that Donta gave me and wrote "Lying
ass niggas" on it. We left a note on the car that
said, "Brian, you GOT! Believe IT!" It was set up so
nicely. Now, we just did it out of fun and games.
MAN.....we saw when all the dudes were crowding around the
car. We passed by like two times and honked the horn. Then,
we parked and got a baseball bat and a brick and walked
around to where everyone was. I didn't know it was going to
be taken so seriously. Well, the whole football team was
out there and they saw us. They were saying all kind of
stuff. It was soooo funny. Then the coaches ran up and one
of them snatched the bat out of my hands, and one took Dee
across the road. They said that if we didn't get off of the
campus, then we would be arrested. All the dudes were
saying stuff like, "Milledgeville got some thug girls!" I
swear, I thought I was going to peee on myself I was
laughing so hard. Anyway, Donta came around the corner and
he was mad. I went up to him and hugged him and told him
that it was just a joke. To make a long story short, we got
everything straight. We aren't banned from going onto GMC
campus. Donta, Torre, and Brian are cool about the
situation. But it was definitely off the chain. Dee and
Jacan are my muthafucking niggas. We were straight OUTLAW
last nite. I know one of the coaches kept telling Donta
that if we were bold enough to do it as just a joke, then
ain't no telling what we would do if we were serious. Yeah!
Now them silly ass niggas know we ain't bout no games!
Let 'em tell us another lie! I dare them! Anyways, we took
Donta to wash his car off and took them to get something
eat. I talked to Brian. Whoa! I got a big shock last nite!
Okay, I asked him why he just didn't tell me the truth.
Alright, he told me. It's like this......the girl that I
thought was his girlfriend.....isn't......it's just the
girl that is having his BABY! WTF!!!!!!! He said that him
and the girl are cool and they use to be together, but she
is having his baby. Oh my lawd, that is serious. I didn't
know what to say to him. I've never been in a situation
like this. I mean, I don't like him....but I did plan to
continue to hang out with him. Now I know why he always
goes home for the weekend. It all fits together. I don't
know man.....it's crazy. And would I be wrong if I felt
that I like him now because of this drama? I don't know,
but it's something about it.......it makes me want to try
him. I don't know.....I'll let that thought go for now. But
anyway, this weekend coming up, Donta is gonna have a lake
house and Jacan wants to stay the nite with them. That's
cool because me, Donta, and Torre are cool. I know Brian
won't be there. I will probably be the odd person out, but
I think I'm gonna go anyway. There isn't anything else to
do. Who knows.....I just know last nite was one of those
nites that you never forget. I know that if something goes
down and it is serious, then I know the females that are
there to help me fuck stuff up. Jacan and Dee are my
niggas. Last nite, was so much fun. I'll never ever forget


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