My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-01-24 04:03:02 (UTC)


I made a TON of poems about 11 o'clock Tuesday night.
Thought I'd just write some down and share 'em with you...
(Keep in mind, these poems are about a certain friend of
mine that i'm having problems with... and for god's sake
don't think they're about the loss of some superficial gay
ass boyfriend.)


I write because I cannot speak of
How I feel to your face
I write because you cannot listen
To all I have to say
I write because I cannot talk
Of how I feel about you
Sometimes it makes me sick to know inside that your
still there
You wait, and watch, and listen,
Listen to my dispair
I cry because you cannot,
Will not,
Listen to what I have to say
I'm slowly going mad insdie because I cannot make you stay
Make you stay to hear of what I speak of
I speak of sorrow over you
My loss is incomparable,
'Tis a friend I've lost in you.


I feel trapped
Trapped in a cage
No freedom
No relentence
I cannot weild my feelings on others
I feel trapped
Trapped in my sorrow
No freedom
No escape
I cannot change my surroundings
I feel trapped
Trapped in my guilt
No freedom
No hope
I cannot release this hatred inside me
I feel scorn
Scorn from all people
Seeping through my skin
I feel sorrow
Sorrow for this pitiful life
Life which I carry
There is no exit
No release
Not from this pain
This pain I cannot speak about with others,
There is no escape
Escape from my sorrow
To the end of days i shall carry this burden
This burden, heavy as it is
All I have is a light from above
My only strength is the strength of a father
A caring loving one
It is to Him I will cling to
And hold fast
Hold fast for my life