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2002-01-24 03:58:58 (UTC)

January 21, 2002

*** Welcome to Tropical Hideaway hope you enjoy your
stay! This is an Adult Palace you need to be 18 to be
here! No genitals props at the gate or sk8ter props

*.~«§eaÐove»~: laffin
*.~«§eaÐove»~: hello princess
*=JON=©: Hello princess
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: )kiss !Soft kisses to warm Y/your
*** ; ~irisheyez~{UÐ} is Painting
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: Ya know i love You Sir
Received file EC.jpg
princess: @64,64 !It's princess
*** The operators have been paged
*** ; ~irisheyez~{UÐ} is Erasing
*=JON=©: you been eating garlic irish?
~•kir§•™~: OOOOOoooooo green
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: )bite.wav bite me
Darius | Bs |: greetings princess
*=JON=©: haha
*.~«§eaÐove»~: lol knew that was cummin kirs
*.~«§eaÐove»~: *S*
~•kir§•™~: LOL
~•kir§•™~: preeeeeettttttyyyyyyyyyyy
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: hmmm i didn't know kirsy liked green
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: oh shit get on your knees and beg kirsy
*.~«§eaÐove»~: uh huh
*=JON=©: lol
~•kir§•™~: hahaha
*.~«§eaÐove»~: is da color of money irish
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: just ask the girl for god's sake
*.~«§eaÐove»~: LOL
~•kir§•™~: princess sis do you share avs?
sassybratt(T): excuse please going to room
~•kir§•™~: *kicks irish sis*
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: see was that hard??
~•kir§•™~: *laffin*
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: LOLOL
*=JON=©: :sick puppies
~•kir§•™~: sissy, come up here wif us
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: and makes You a Sick Puppy
~tigpurr~{TH}: back
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: and Your point?
*.~«§eaÐove»~: wb tiggy
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: who kirsy?
*=JON=©: wb tig *S
~•kir§•™~: wb tig sis
~tigpurr~{TH}: thank You Ma'am
~•kir§•™~: princess sis?
~tigpurr~{TH}: thank you kirs sis
Darius | Bs |: )kiss kiss! kiss! :)
*** ; Darius | Bs | is Painting
~tigpurr~{TH}: thank You JOn Sir
*=JON=©: :chit..I can't keep up
Darius | Bs |: wb purr
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :cuz You are old now
* princess * please open your q
~tigpurr~{TH}: kirs sis i know someplace that av
is..if not i will find for you k?
*=JON=©: :I know : (
~fanta§ia~: lol
~tigpurr~{TH}: thank You Darius Sir
princess: major lag
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :gonna have to turn down the dial on
the scroller
~•kir§•™~: ok tig sis......I love dat green
~tigpurr~{TH}: smiles
~•kir§•™~: :looking for beggin av.....LOL
*=JON=©: Is there a Nursing Home palace?
* Darius | Bs | * em?
~fanta§ia~: hahaha
princess: this av?
~tigpurr~{TH}: k let me get to the Gor sites again sis
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: yeh and You are gonna be chief there
too Sir
*.~«§eaÐove»~: nurse
*=JON=©: haha
~•kir§•™~: yes please princess
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: hiyou heard about proxy and ko?
~•kir§•™~: lol no sis what happen?
~tigpurr~{TH}: why dont you three come down here i can
shift over
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: now what???
*.~«§eaÐove»~: someone call for a nurse?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: i'm fine where i am thanks anywayz
~•kir§•™~: will you share that av with me princess?
*=JON=©: I have a private nurse Sis....but ty *S
~tigpurr~{TH}: ok
*.~«§eaÐove»~: uh oh
Darius | Bs |: nurse, I dont feel so well...lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: that Big Man just moved over here
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: wow Sea Ma'am i never saw no nurse
dressed like that
*.~«§eaÐove»~: LOL
*=JON=©: lol
~tigpurr~{TH}: thinks Darius Sir needs a nurse
*.~«§eaÐove»~: bend over and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
* princess * it is Lani
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :grins
~fanta§ia~: he needs a gerital shot Ma'am
~•kir§•™~: ooooohhhhhh
*=JON=©: haha
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: can i watch???
*.~«§eaÐove»~: LOL
~•kir§•™~: )kiss ! Sweet bratty kisses from kirs :-
*** ; ~•kir§•™~ is Painting
~fanta§ia~: in da hiney
*=JON=©: :bend over and say ahhhhhh?
~•kir§•™~: ty ty ty princess sis
~•kir§•™~: )kiss ! Sweet bratty kisses from kirs :-
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: are you happy now brat??
*=JON=©: :is that how it goes?
~•kir§•™~: uh huh uh huh
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: was that so hard? lol
~fanta§ia~: no.. bend over and cough
*.~«§eaÐove»~: i WAS GONNA TAKE hIS TEMP
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: hahaha fan
princess: yw sweetie
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: : a genatal shot has to hurt
*.~«§eaÐove»~: ugh brb LOL
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: genital?
*=JON=©: I thought it was turn your head and
*.~«§eaÐove»~: @175,115 !)pop *.~«§eaÐove»~ has left
the building
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: lol poor SD Ma'am
~fanta§ia~: well you could know better than I Sir
* princess * I am misserable without you
*=JON=©: that I do
* Darius | Bs | * just a sec
~•kir§•™~: sha sis?
* princess * k
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: yes kirsy
~•kir§•™~: oooooo lookies purple
~•kir§•™~: hee hee
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: Patrick Sir just sent something
~fanta§ia~: pretty
~•kir§•™~: wants to go to estate so I can get news?
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: pretty
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :likes my purple better
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: give me one sec
~•kir§•™~: lol irishs sis
~•kir§•™~: okies sha sis
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: i cant multi task at all
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: but its all over and ok
~•kir§•™~: cools
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: nice one kirsy
Darius | Bs |: :damn nurse disappeared...who gonna
take care of Dar now?
~•kir§•™~: hee hee
~•kir§•™~: pruple
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: pretty shade of pruple too *grin*
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: omg
~•kir§•™~: :just ask sis
~•kir§•™~: what sha sis?
~•kir§•™~: @300,60 !)amen Don't stand up, Its
nothing big, its just ~•kir§•™~!!
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: Master said get Him some xrated
avs and they are such a shock to see everytime i open bag
~tigpurr~{TH}: hello Patrick Sir
~•kir§•™~: holy I never lag
~fanta§ia~: Greetings Pat Sir *S*
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: hiya Patrick Sir hugggs
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: hey Patrick Sir
*=JON=©: Welcome Pat *S
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: hugssssssssssssssssssssss
Patrick {~w.a~}: Greetings A/all
~fanta§ia~: haha sha
*=JON=©: @63,71 !)pop High Five!
*** ; *=JON=© is Painting
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: what a beautiful thank You page
~•kir§•™~: Greetings Patrick Sir
* princess * looks to you with sadness in heart
~•kir§•™~: irish sis you want this one?
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: !Smile, kissing you !!
*** ; .¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's is Painting
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: no that's ok hon....but thanks huggggs
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: what have you two been doing
princess: greetings Patrick
Patrick {~w.a~}: ty sha
~fanta§ia~: is a beautiful page Pat Sir
Patrick {~w.a~}: ty fan
*=JON=©: *S it really is
~•kir§•™~: ummm irish sis I dont see your face
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: oh lordy....talk about sacreligious
~•kir§•™~: hahaha irish sis
Patrick {~w.a~}: How is E/everybody ?
~fanta§ia~: lol
*=JON=©: lol
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: will You give wyld sis huge hug
from me miss her so much
~•kir§•™~: *sticks tongue out at irish*
~fanta§ia~: good here thanx.. yourself?
*=JON=©: Doing great here Bro
*=JON=©: yourself?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: see it now?
~•kir§•™~: there it is
Patrick {~w.a~}: been sick and now pet has been sick too
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: kk thanks
*=JON=©: oh nooooooo
~•kir§•™~: *s*
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: everyone is getting sick
~fanta§ia~: I was sick with the flu last week
Patrick {~w.a~}: some bug going around I guess
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: this flu that is goin around is an ass
*=JON=©: It really is irish
~•kir§•™~: Ive been lucky so far
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: i'd like to get it for about 2
weeks...lose a few lbs
~•kir§•™~: no sickies
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: me too but my daughter has had it bad
~•kir§•™~: ohhh give it to me irish sis
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: lost 10 lbs and the kid is too skinny
~•kir§•™~: I want to lose some pounds...lol
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: i told her BREATHE ON ME DAMMIT BREATHE
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: lol
*=JON=©: sexercise kirs *S
~fanta§ia~: I haven't been that sick in awhile
~•kir§•™~: hahahah
Patrick {~w.a~}: lol
~•kir§•™~: :whats sex
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: yeh i wanna know too
~•kir§•™~: ohhhh thats that thing the x wants me
to do now
*=JON=©: Not sure..heard of the concept tho
~fanta§ia~: something animals sis I think sis
* princess * hon if you want nothing to do with me
just say so, i luv you but will go
~fanta§ia~: animals do
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :wrinkles nose
~•kir§•™~: lol
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: but W/we are animals????
*=JON=©: on the discovery channel?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: so how come W/we ain't doin it???
~•kir§•™~: uh huh
~fanta§ia~: lol
~fanta§ia~: guess I would watch the animals and
learn how huh?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: i dunno some of them don't make it look
like somethin i wanna do
~•kir§•™~: :you and me baby aint nothing but
mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery
~fanta§ia~: lol
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: LOLOL
*=JON=©: lol
~•kir§•™~: wb Sea Ma'am
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: that's sick kirsy even for u
~fanta§ia~: what animals you been watchin?
Patrick {~w.a~}: Greetings Sea
Panama Rey: @64,64 !It's Panama Rey
*.~«§eaÐove»~: re's again A/all
~•kir§•™~: hahahahahahaha
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: wb Rey Sir
~fanta§ia~: wb Ma'am
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: w/b SeaBrat Ma'am
Panama Rey: ok trying again
*.~«§eaÐove»~: Greets Patrick
Patrick {~w.a~}: Hello Panama
princess: greetings SeaDove
Panama Rey: woo hoo....
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: wb SD Ma'am
*.~«§eaÐove»~: ty ty ty A/all
Panama Rey: it worked
Panama Rey: jejeje
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: passing out super glue
~•kir§•™~: wb PR Sir
*.~«§eaÐove»~: all better now PR?
~fanta§ia~: great Rey *S*
Panama Rey: ty ty ty everyone
*.~«§eaÐove»~: kewlies
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: w/b Sir *s*
*=JON=©: ^phone
princess: greetings Panama
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: Jon Sir is gonna try that phone sex
Panama Rey: !A Million Gracias
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: with who
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: let U/us know how that goes too Sir pls?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: hisself?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: i dunno
*.~«§eaÐove»~: so did you get ur av kirs?
~•kir§•™~: uh huh Ma'am
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: de nada
~•kir§•™~: *gigglin*
*.~«§eaÐove»~: lol
~tigpurr~{TH}: w/b Sea Ma'am
~•kir§•™~: said ppwwweaaasseeeeeee
~tigpurr~{TH}: sorry am only half here
~•kir§•™~: was ready for begging av
~tigpurr~{TH}: lots on mind
~•kir§•™~: lol
*=JON=©: b
~fanta§ia~: kk tig sis
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: w/b Sir
*.~«§eaÐove»~: lol
~fanta§ia~: wb Sir
Patrick {~w.a~}: )rodeo.wav
*.~«§eaÐove»~: wb Bro
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: tell U/us was it good for You??
* Darius | Bs | * it's open
*=JON=©: ty A/all.....
~tigpurr~{TH}: w/b Jon Sir
Patrick {~w.a~}: )rodeo.wav
~•kir§•™~: :wow a quickie
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: lost Rey Sir again
*=JON=©: haha
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: poor thing
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :a real quickie *grin*
Patrick {~w.a~}: wb JON Bro
~•kir§•™~: ooooo
*=JON=©: was My son you pervert
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: that was a slam bammer
~•kir§•™~: yah, irish you pervert
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: no thank you Ma'am after that one
*=JON=©: haha
*.~«§eaÐove»~: LOLOL Patrick
*.~«§eaÐove»~: gettin to like that huh
~fanta§ia~: where you from princess?
~•kir§•™~: :me innocent
~fanta§ia~: I'm in texas
~•kir§•™~: *pinches sha's ass*
Patrick {~w.a~}: the only one I like Sea....lmao
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: well i hang w/ a great bunch of
preverted perverts
*=JON=©: Oh chit......W/we have company?
~•kir§•™~: lol sis
*=JON=©: Hello princess *S
*.~«§eaÐove»~: what happened to em Patrick?
princess: georgia
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: im here
~fanta§ia~: kewl
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: just laughing
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: where in GA?
~fanta§ia~: Welcome to TH
~•kir§•™~: okies sis
~•kir§•™~: you were quiet
princess: coast
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: :prolly my next door neighbor
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: oops nope
*=JON=©: Yes, welcome to TH princess *S
princess: thank you so much
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: Ya know for those big bucks You are
gettin Jon Sir You sure are slow on the draw
*=JON=©: first time here?
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: the girl's only been here 20 mins now
*=JON=©: :hey, I was on da phone.....lighten up
princess: no but other times just popped through
no one was around
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: bf so dumb.. he said going to
make the rice and was yelling omg their is cat food in the
rice and he was in cat food bag
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: she was here LONGGGGGG before the phone
*=JON=©: awww....sorry princess
* Darius | Bs | * well?
~fanta§ia~: watch out for the brat pack up
~•kir§•™~: wb sissy
*=JON=©: gawd yes
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: lol
~•kir§•™~: join our gang up here sissy
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: yeh and fanny girl is queen of 'em
* princess * I sent you a q did you get it?
~•kir§•™~: :will lasso her
*=JON=©: and why aren't you up there head brat?
~fanta§ia~: Nooooooo.. I good girl
sassybratt(T): :am the innocent one
~fanta§ia~: ackkkk
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: oh pls
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: see even Jon Sir has Your #
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: yours too
Patrick {~w.a~}: cough...cough @ fan
*=JON=©: lol
*** ; ~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
~•kir§•™~: Come here!
~•kir§•™~: !Gotcha!
~•kir§•™~: If you won't come to me then I will
come to you
*** ; ~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
~•kir§•™~: hey
~•kir§•™~: lol
sassybratt(T): lol
*** ; ~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
~fanta§ia~: he's senile.. don't know of what he
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: the important thing is you cum
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: :who said that
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: yeh that happens once Ya hit 50 *grin*
*=JON=©: yes....that's it fan.....*cough
~tigpurr~{TH}: nope the angels are on the bottom right
fan sis? LOL
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: uh huh
sassybratt(T): pffft
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: that's why we are up here
~fanta§ia~: yes
*** ; *~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
*~•kir§•™~: Come here!
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: the shit is REAL deep down there
*~•kir§•™~: !Gotcha!
*** ; *~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
~fanta§ia~: angel section down here
*=JON=©: :she's just to old to crawl up there
*~•kir§•™~: grrrrr
*~•kir§•™~: sissy
*** ; *~•kir§•™~ is Erasing
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: LOL Jon Sir
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: oh i am in wrong place
*~•kir§•™~: haha
sassybratt(T): what sisssy
*~•kir§•™~: mere
*~•kir§•™~: we the bratt gang
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: i need fence in middle to straddle
sassybratt(T): doing my balancing act on water
* princess * well can say it here,,, i am misserable
without you,, i luv you
*~•kir§•™~: lol
~fanta§ia~: hahaha
*~•kir§•™~: :crossing my legs
*~•kir§•™~: please cuse me to brb
~fanta§ia~: kk
Daisie®: @64,64 !It's Daisie®
Patrick {~w.a~}: Welcome and Greetings!, Daisie®
*~•kir§•™~: :looking down at pond...welllll of
course I could just.........naaaaaahhhhhhhhh
*~•kir§•™~: ^ß®ß
*** ¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»***«´¨`·.¸¸.*¤ *~•kir§•™~ !

Will return shortly, so quit your cryin!

~fanta§ia~: greetings Daisie Ma'am
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: greetings Daisie Ma'am
sassybratt(T): :looks at kirs can just put you in
corner too
Daisie®: :didnt meant to sit on ya
* Darius | Bs | * I'm not coming back if that's what
you're driving at....you made things clear to me....I'm
*=JON=©: ^brb
Daisie®: :well okay maybe
~fanta§ia~: lol
* princess * crys
sassybratt(T): hi Daisie
~fanta§ia~: she did..I can tell
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: excuse me please Sir's Ma'am...i;ll bb
in a few
* princess * why?
sassybratt(T): hb sis
~irisheyez~{UÐ}: kk thanks hon
* princess * please can we go somewhere to talk
*.~«§eaÐove»~: ouchhhhhhh
~fanta§ia~: wb Sea Ma'am
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: need brb room
sassybratt(T): wb Sea Ma'am
*.~«§eaÐove»~: re's A/all and Greets Daisie
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: so how is wyld Sir
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: did she get that flu too?
sassybratt(T): hi Patrick Sir
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: hi Daisie
*.~«§eaÐove»~: thats fans fault
Patrick {~w.a~}: she has had flu with the sweats and all
*.~«§eaÐove»~: she started the flu thang
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: omgosh i am so sorry
*.~«§eaÐove»~: pokes fan
~fanta§ia~: I didn't mean too
~fanta§ia~: honest
*.~«§eaÐove»~: did u get flu shot?
* Darius | Bs | * nothing to talk about...you made it
clear what you wanted...obviously I cannot get the job
~fanta§ia~: newp
~fanta§ia~: did you?
*.~«§eaÐove»~: seeee
*.~«§eaÐove»~: YUP
*.~«§eaÐove»~: today LOLOL
~fanta§ia~: I hate needles
Patrick {~w.a~}: poke her again fan She deserves
it...believe me ...lol
~fanta§ia~: lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: I do not
* princess * I was wrong
Patrick {~w.a~}: lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: I've done nuttin wrong *S*
*** ; *.~«§eaÐove»~ is Painting
*.~«§eaÐove»~: @61,76 !)slap Feel the burn of
*.~«§eaÐove»~'s hand!
*.~«§eaÐove»~: yet
*.~«§eaÐove»~: lol
*** ; Patrick {~w.a~} is Painting
Patrick {~w.a~}: @294,369 !)spnk!! Patrick {~w.a~} A
HOT STINGY SLAP on your ass!
~fanta§ia~: lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: hahahahah
* princess * pllease,, crawls to you and begs,,
collar me Master, this girl luvs you and fears being
without you
*** ; Patrick {~w.a~} is Erasing
*.~«§eaÐove»~: be nice Sea!!
*.~«§eaÐove»~: be nice Sea!!
*.~«§eaÐove»~: blinks
Patrick {~w.a~}: would be a first Sea......lol
*.~«§eaÐove»~: awwwww
princess: crys
*.~«§eaÐove»~: whats wrong princess?
princess: in luv
princess: but he doesn't luv me
*~•kir§•™~: ßÅ©K
*** ¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»***«´¨`·.¸¸.*¤ *~•kir§•™~ !

Has returned, She hopes u missed her!

~fanta§ia~: awwwwww
princess: killing this worthless slut
Patrick {~w.a~}: wb kirs
~fanta§ia~: I'm sorry to hear that sis
*.~«§eaÐove»~: whos that princess?
sassybratt(T): wb sissy
*~•kir§•™~: ty sissy
princess: it doesn't matter
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: !Smile, kissing you !!
*** ; .¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's is Painting
.¤~{ aiysha }~¤§§£am's: wb kirsy
*.~«§eaÐove»~: would u like to talk pincess?
princess: please, i need someone and have no one
left, he was all i had
*.~«§eaÐove»~: n/p hon..come to estates
princess: k
*.~«§eaÐove»~: excuse Me for a moment
~fanta§ia~: yes Ma'am
*** Welcome to TH's Estate.. to go to the Estates main
room or BDSM Dungeon area type COURTYARD, to go back to
TH's gate type GATE, or to go to the adult area type
EROTIC. W/we all at TH hope you have a great time with your
stay with us.
princess: dl ing and crying so bare with me
*.~«§eaÐove»~: re's hon
*.~«§eaÐove»~: np
*.~«§eaÐove»~: ready when u are
Received file newetg.gif
princess: i lost him, he wants nothing to do with
me and it killing me inside
*.~«§eaÐove»~: who hon??
princess: Sea let me back up a lil,, can't say
his name
*.~«§eaÐove»~: k
*.~«§eaÐove»~: and that is Sea Ma'am
princess: i have been submissive for over 4
years... i met a Master, and well we got close
*.~«§eaÐove»~: k
princess: i saw the submissve side to him,, we
talked and well, i became Domme and he begged my collar
princess: forgive me for not saying Ma'am,,
*.~«§eaÐove»~: listening
princess: i gave up everything for him, got so
damn close to him
*.~«§eaÐove»~: how long together?
princess: but he couldn't give up his Dom name,
would still change to that name and travel to his old BDSM
hang outs
princess: month
*.~«§eaÐove»~: k
*.~«§eaÐove»~: hmmm
princess: i tried to understand, gawd Ma'am i
tried, i luv him somuch
*.~«§eaÐove»~: it's just been called to My attention
that U are Lani
*.~«§eaÐove»~: why the name change?
princess: even told him when he traveled,,
because i lost my boy
*.~«§eaÐove»~: answer My question
princess: with one Ma'am
princess: name changed when i lost my boy
*.~«§eaÐove»~: shakin head
*.~«§eaÐove»~: u need to take this up with Darius
princess: sighs
*.~«§eaÐove»~: and don't do it at the gate
*.~«§eaÐove»~: is that clear?
princess: please Ma'am
*.~«§eaÐove»~: no please
princess: Please hear me out
princess: sighs
*.~«§eaÐove»~: @506,376 !)pop *.~«§eaÐove»~ has left
the building
princess: yes Ma'am
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: please come talk to me
*** Message from Darius | Bs |: fine....you want things
My way.....you have less than a second to open palace.....
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: it is open
*** Message to Darius | Bs |:
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: you want me to meet you
*** Message from Darius | Bs |: I want you there kneeling
and waiting for Me...
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: yes Master

22:32:20 - Status Log Opening
princess: curls up close to the fire kneeling and
princess: heart pounds as she trys to breath
princess: greetings Darius Sir
princess: girl thought you luved her
princess: curls up tighter in a ball, closing
eyes tight
princess: i was wrong
Darius | Bs |: WRONG!!!! SOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!
princess: crys, girl is sorry
princess: may girl get closer Master?
Darius | Bs |: NO
princess: girl doesn't blame you for being pissed
princess: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: COME
Received file strapon.gif
princess: curls up in a corner
princess: click on their mouths and you jump into
tha av
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: does girl follow Master?
*** Message from Darius | Bs |: YES
To dress someone, whisper "dressup"
Received file arrowr.gif
Received file arrowl.gif
To avoid BEING dressed, say "nodress"
To undo "nodress," type "redress"
Received file lounge.gif
* Darius | Bs | * ;pp 997578008 997552914 997552737
997552621 997552454 997552600 997551945
Darius | Bs |: hmmmmm...
Darius | Bs |: put your av back on...
*** Message to Darius | Bs |: follow Master?
princess: wb Master
Darius | Bs |: sit up straight!
princess: shivers listening to the silence in fear
Darius | Bs |: from here on in is how it's going to
princess: listens close
Darius | Bs |: you have absolutely NO priviledges of
any kind! until I decide what to do..
princess: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: you keep calling yourself a worthless
slut no matter how many times I tell you otherwise....you
WILL change your name to slut
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: I just may decide to have you change it
to something else sometime down the road if you deserve it..
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: you will make some changes to some of
the rooms in here...and I think just by looking at the room
list I dont need to tell you which rooms those are...
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: you do not have my permission to wear
clothing of any kind
slut: yes Master, this slut will fix her bag
first thing in morning
Darius | Bs |: your av's will be either completely
nude...or you can wear long gloves, and thigh highs...but I
prefer the gloves and thigh highs...if you cannot find
enough nude ones with that clothing...then use an editor to
make those changes
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: :grabs her by her chin...
slut: jumps
slut: heart pounds fast
Darius | Bs |: now listen very carefully!
slut: listening,, yes Master
slut: girl hasn't Master
Darius | Bs |: GOT IT?!!!
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: I dont care whether you're speaking to
someone else now...tomorrow, the next, next week, next
month, next year...IT DOESNT MATTER!
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: now...you have until Friday, to get the
avs and make the room changes...FRIDAY!! if it doesnt
happen by then...then this whole thing never happened...
slut: yes Master
slut: leave the name of it alone Master?
Darius | Bs |: the palace name is good...dont touch it
slut: yes Master
Darius | Bs |: do you still have that Domme av, the
one of the brunette I belive, wearing the white blouse?
slut: girl looks Master
Darius | Bs |: if so put it on
slut: this one?
Darius | Bs |: no not that one...she was wearing black
gloves and holding a crop or a whip...
Darius | Bs |: the one I called "trouble" av
Darius | Bs |: yes that one
Darius | Bs |: follow me
slut: yes Master
Received file dungeon.jpg
Darius | Bs |: now, as a last act...
slut: listens
Darius | Bs |: I want you to use that toy I gave
you...one more night with you as the Domme...go all
out...no restrictions...
slut: looks to you then back to the whip
slut: tears fills eyes and looks down,, not
sure if i can
Darius | Bs |: hey if you want this bad enough...you
Darius | Bs |: otherwise I am gone...
slut: looks to you
slut: pulls back the whip and slaps it across
your back hard, kiss My feet boy
Darius | Bs |: :feels the sting across his back,
bending down fast and kissing her feet...
slut: pushes you away and slaps your back
again hard, never letting the whip break the skin,, tell
me of your love for your Mistress when do that boy
Darius | Bs |: :bends down and kisses her feet again,
Mistress boy loves you very much...does anything to please
slut: grabs a hand full of hair and jerks you
up leaning down and looking into your eyes for a moment,
the rapping and ravaging your lips, takeing the whip handle
and flicks on your cock hard
Darius | Bs |: mmmmmmm
slut: pulls back from you and pushes you to
the wall, securing both hands high above your head
slut: pulls the handle of the whip down your
back, watching you shiver as i slip to the cracks of your
tight ass, presshing my body tight to yours and whispering
in your ear
slut: a night you will not forget boy
slut: steps back and flicks the whip hard
making it pop, count each one boy and say thank you
Mistress after wards
Darius | Bs |: yes Mistress
slut: pulls the whip and slaps it across your
back hard, my voice hard and harsh,, damn you boy i only
wanted to love you with everything i am
Darius | Bs |: 1 , Thank You Mistress
slut: pulls the whip up and slams it across
your back again,,
Darius | Bs |: 2 Thank You Mistress
slut: watching the welps rise as i pull the
whip up and hits you again, tears filling yes as my voice
Darius | Bs |: 4 Thank You Mistress
slut: boy you tell Your Mistress how much or
if you ever luv your Mistress
Darius | Bs |: :winces slightly as each hit gets
harder and more painful
slut: pulls the whip up and fast hits you
harder then all the others,, learn to count boy
Darius | Bs |: :screamssssss
slut: pulls it up again and slams it across
your baack, you miss count again and we will start over boy
Darius | Bs |: boy sincerely apologizes Mistress...
Darius | Bs |: boy loves you very very much
slut: sleps closer and pulls the handle back
bring it across you tight ass, hard
slut: that is my ass boy,,reaches in my
pocket and pulls out the small flogger and whaps it hard
across your ass
Darius | Bs |: ouch
slut: walks over and grabs a plug with a tail
to it,, goes back over and looks to you
Darius | Bs |: :looks at the plug
slut: slides it in my pussy to moisten it
then slides back around you and without waiting or warning
rams it in your tight hole,,, don't let it fall out boy,,
your my pony for the night
Darius | Bs |: Yes Mistress
slut: stepping back again and pulls the whip
back and slams it across your back again
slut: watches his fingers move and waits for
a proper coutnt
Darius | Bs |: 4, Thank You Mistress
slut: smiles good boy
slut: pulls the whip back and snaps it in the
air next to my boy just to remind him who is in charge
Darius | Bs |: :jumps in the chains hearing the sound
slut: pulls the whip back and slaps it across
your back hard,,
Darius | Bs |: ouchhhhhhh.....5 Thank You Mistress
slut: walks up behind you leaning my body
hard to yours pushing the plug in farther then grabbing a
hand full of hair and jerks your head back
Darius | Bs |: oooohhhh
Darius | Bs |: :looks into Her eyes
slut: leaning in and bites your neck hard
then works my lips up to yours and kisses you hard again
Darius | Bs |: mmmmmmmmmmmm
slut: loosens your arms then twirls you
around hooking your arms back up then steps back
slut: leans in and pushes you against the
wall making sure the plug pushes in harder
Darius | Bs |: oooooooo
slut: gets a cock ring with chains dangleing
from it and looks down, taking your cock and slipping it
Darius | Bs |: ohhhhhh.....aggggghhhh.....
slut: reaching to the toy bag and taking out
some weights and attaching them to the chains
Darius | Bs |: flower Mistress flower...
Removing Text to Speech Plugin
No connection - Click Anywhere to enter a Palace
23:56:18 - Status Log Closing