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2002-01-24 03:45:36 (UTC)

If Im The Minority.. Then The World Is Fucked..


When I formulated this entry in my head, I was alot more
upset.. Now that I am somewhat calm, I can barely write..

One thing.. I have never been so angry, upset, disgusted,
sad and hurt at the same time as i was earlier.. Damn.. that
was nuts.. I couldnt speak.. I still cant.. I just feel like
alot of people have a dark cloud covering them, filling them
with these horrible, hateful ideas and somehow, I am the
only one who can think clearly.. Its nuts.. Tho I know
others who agree with me.. If my thoughts and ideas are the
minority then humanity as we know it is fucked.. might as
well all kill ourselves and save us all from the outcome of
this hatred and ignorance..

Ill write more later.. I am still in shock.. I cant believe
that people can be so hateful...

My problem is I am a good person(not saying that people who
dont agree with me are bad.. just.. blind..)I believe
everyone is equal, regardless of color, religion, sexual
preference, disabilities, etc.. And just because you choose
not to reproduce, it does not make you less human.. If I was
a lesbian, it would be my choice not to reproduce.. I mean,
I wouldnt be able to help being attracted to women but I
could still reproduce and if i wanted to reproduce, i could
mate with a male.. Reproduction isnt always about desire..
It is also about survival and people do what they need to do
to survive..

Fuck.. I cant even continue on that path.. some things i
feel very strongly about..

Okay.. must break the tension.. I have the coolest lil
sandwich maker and the coolest lil grill.. i SO kick ass!

Even tho I was quite upset for like 40 minutes, the cloud of
anger and sadness has passed and once again I am so so so
happy. I have a reason to get up in the morning.. If i want
to stay in bed its because he fills my dreams. I am just so
lucky and it almost comes as a shock that after everything i
have been through and dealt with, I am lucky enough to find
someone who loves me and someone that I love more than
anything in the world. I never thought i would be allowed to
be happy but I was wrong,.

Okay.. now im getting all sappy so I am gonna go to work..

End Note: I know i am going to get some Republican wannabe comment over this next statment but we all know the truth.. I am a
democrat right to the core.. lol

I know I am right and one day everyone will come to their sences are realize that my ideas and my thoughts are right and that they
were all so wrong in their ways..

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