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2002-01-24 03:19:28 (UTC)

another day

I'm still feeling kind of wierd... it sucks cuz I dont
really know why I'm feeling all wierd. Maybe the stuff
about that ex friend of mine getting dumped by her bf is
making me think about old stuff and making me upset or
something but it really shouldn't be making me upset at
this point, and it normally doesn't. Well I guess the other
part of it is stress and stuff... found out my grandpa has
some big tumor and it's probably cancer cuz he already HAS
cancer but they were just leaving it alone cuz it
progresses so slowly that he'd die of old age before it was
ever a problem... but i dont know how much i can trust
doctors when they say stuff like that. They told my aunt
that they got all the cancer when they cut her tumor out so
she didn't need radiation or chemo... but then they found
out they were wrong, it was too late to do anything, and
she died. So really, listening to doctors isn't always a
good idea. So maybe just being stressed about this new
cancer thing is making me feel bad. i don't know though. I
guess it could be a lot of things. :Þ
Something wierd that happened today
I started doing research for this project about my family's
migratory patterns so I was looking up information about my
mom's father's family. I never knew my grandpa on that side
because he died when my mom was 6. So I was looking up some
info on him and actually managed to find a picture of him
on the internet! It was cool... it's from the provincial
archeives... because the family was part of a group of
originial Icelandic settlers, it's kept in the archeives.
it's kinda cool. She was really happy to see the picture I
think. I surprised her, I just said I have something to
show you that I found... she'd never seen the picture

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