The land of unknown
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2002-01-24 03:16:52 (UTC)

Vash the Stamp..... ede

Mood: Great, devilish, creative, humorous
Music: Trigun 'HT' and/or Slayer 'Bloodline'

as of last weekend, i now have 3 Trigun dvds. and the
first Outlaw Star dvd. but the outlaw star dvds have like
9 episodes each! soon, me and my brother will
continue renting more anime from netflix.com. good
site. great selection. eventually i need to get Ghost In
The Shell. i saw it once on tv. i saw Akira maybe 3 times
on tv. all on the sci-fi channel. saturday anime kicked
ass. that's where i was first getting my real taste in
anime. one of my favorites i saw on there, Iria. and
some other great ones that horribly unfortunetly, i can't
remember the names. eventually i will try to find out
what they were. my anime collection now has Akira
(special edition), Iria, Lain (Navi and Knights),
Evangelion (collection 1 and 2), Trigun ($$60 Billion,
Lost Past, and Wolfwood), Bubblegum Crisis 2040
(just the first dvd), a Tenchi Movie (with a bad name that
has no relavence to the story), Ruin Explorers, and
Outlaw Star (the first). i think that's it. i'v plans on getting:
duh, the rest to all the series i've started, the 2 Night
Warriors dvds, Ninja Cadets, Ghost In The Shell, Blue
Sub 6, and others i can't think of. and of course others
that i may not have seen yet. and i've been thinking up
too many damned stories. i need to either speed up or
slow down. cuz i need to finish the ones i've started or
stop thinking up more. i now have three stories in
planning and 3 others already started. my Val series is
going to be freaking long! i may shorten it though. it is
insanely long. then my Schreck story may just be the
one but i may go back and write more stories but no full
series type thing. then my Shepard story has three
stories planned and i hope to add maybe one or 2 that
show them after all that crap. of my planned stories,
there's Machine Head, almost done with developing it.
it's only one story and i probably wont go back to it. then
there is Children of The Megaliths (there aren't really
children, and title is subject to change). then there's the
most recent, Jad: Bounty Hunter Extrordinare, name
also subject to change. Machine Head and Jad are
anime type stories. manga if u want to be technically
correct. and the Megalith is a fantasy story that would if
ever, be a book probably. not really sure what i'm going
to do with these stories. some of them like possibly the
Schreck, may be for me only and maybe some copies
will be made for friends, but no real release. it is one of
my older stories and has it's share of holes in it.
eventually when i put it on the computer, i'll fix it up. but i
really want to get started on those manga stories.
maybe someday they could become anime. that'd kick
ass! well, in other news, my dad left for business in
Cali, but wouldn't let me go. it just happened to be
conveniently during exams week. bastards. oh well, i
never really thought he'd let me miss school to go to
cali with him. other than that, things out here seem to
be settling down. i have continued to open up to more
people. and i have an email address from some one i
actually would email. Joelle is in my creative writing
class. she's cool and very sarcastic. she reminds me a
lot of some of my friends from cali. her and some of the
others in that class. Josh, the genious lunatic from hell,
Angela, the love sick R.O.T.C. chick, Jessica, the quiet
but totally rock out type, and Bob, the only sane one to
keep us in line but comes with his own evil streaks. i
have so much fun in that class these days. kinda helps
my homesickness. i miss everyone out there.