i guess this is what u want to read..
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2002-01-24 03:14:32 (UTC)


woke up late. had 10 mins to get ready. went to the bus
stop. it was cold. haha. got to school. pd. a was fun i
guess?...pd. b was boring...pd. c was stupid...lunch was
exciting. i almost got a bevrage spilled on me. haha. not
cool. hahah. pd. d was stupid. we had to do a gay
worksheet..then i went home. it was a stupid bus ride home.
hahah. then i got home. and went on the internet for like 3
mins. bc then i was going to the mall with my mom.
(remember she doesnt live with me) so i guess that was
exciting. even tho my mom is...well...funny... well we got
to the mall and went straight to the pizza place. it was
good. yummy. then we went to get mins for the cell. then we
went home. on the way home nelly came on the radio. you
know the lyric "if you wanna get high with me smoke a L in
the...." well my mom turned the radio down..and she was
like "girls..do yous smoke L's in the back of somethings?"
and she was soooo for real it was funny. i busted up. then
i went home. and cleaned. then me and my dad went to WAL-
MART..it was boring. hot guys there tho!..haha then i came
home and did nothing for like an hour. then i came on the
net and that is where i am now. and now im soon getting a
low nice shower! byes!