U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-01-24 03:07:22 (UTC)

ugh, y is sux to be a flirt

well today I met a boy, not just anyboy, the highschool
quarter back football team..........and believe me, he is
gorgeous,lol. but any way he came in and i did't recognize
him, but i was like hmm he's hot, and then beth dared me to
go talk to him. so i went up to him I was like hey ,and we
were talking and i asked him what school he went to(he's a
senior) and he was like hawken, then i was like Hey,
me2,then he was like small world,lol. but anyway he's like
wait, ur in the 8th grade(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iHATE BEING SO
YOUNG)i was like yea(it's pretty obvious becuz he had never
seen me at the upperschool) and I was like y, do i look it,
and he was like no, i was like oh kool, so we were just
having a lil convo. but then we was gogin to the swim meet
and I had no desire to go(the pool frizzes ur hair and they
are sooo boing, except guys in speedos,lol) so I was like
well cya later, and he was like bye, and then I walked
away, but i think he turned around as he was walking away.
TOUCH DOWN MEAGHAN!!! now wanna know how that sux..... I
will never be able to PUBLICALY touch him, if i did the
entire female body would beat me up,lol
and today was other wise a normal day,I have swimming
tomorrow.... damn. ohh well I'm not speaking to stewart,
he's such an ass, he juts pisses me off,lol well now I'm
done w/ him, I'm either his best friend or we're not
speakin,lol well now we're not speakin
so ttyl diary and all it's readers