Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-24 03:05:14 (UTC)

Johnny's in America.

Yay, George wrote me an email! Appearently I changed
addresses and forgot to tell him. Ha ha ha. But he
emailed me and it's so awesome. I'm such a loser. Ha ha.
I'm excited, though, because that means he was sitting at
home with nothing to do, and for some unknown reason, his
mind wandered onto the subject of me. That's kinda
strange, actually, because on Thursday when April got her
license to drive, we went cruising towards Olalla to see if
I could remembert how to get to his house. And then on
Friday we stopped in the pizza parlour to see if he was
working. And now he writes me a letter. Hooray!

And I was gonna buy a car from this kid a few weeks ago,
but I kept putting off calling him, and so now April is
gonna buy it from him with my money because she doesn't
have any and I'm filthy rich. That's cool. She'd just
better give me a buncha rides all over town. I need to
repaint my fingernails.

And so I've decided to grace my presence at the Animal
Hospital. They need my receptionist skills. Bad. And
I'll help them for a nominal fee. And the newspaper ad
said I'd get benefits, so I think a free bath and toenail
trimming for my dog will suffice.

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