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2001-04-19 15:38:56 (UTC)

im so happy yet im pist too

Im happy because i got my pictures back today yeah but one
roll of film didnt turn out.ok screw walgreens,if any of
you live by telling you now.DO NOT get your
film developed there.Why am i allways swearing to myself
ill be more productive tomorrow?Why dont i just give up& be
honest with myself: ok so i didnt do jack shit today & i
probally wont do jack shitt tomorrow either. who is jack
shitt anyways?insurance is due on both the car and the
truck its sux i have to pay 30 bucks extra since i hit the
man pedalling his ass on the side of the road.Why havent i
been productive lately? laziness what exactly is laziness??
noticing that if you use the nessasary amount of toilet
paper,you will have to replace the roll,so instead you use
kleenex.wich bring on my next subject ASSHOLES:those who
walk out of a grocery store&see a shopping cart slowly
rolling down towards a car gaining momentum knowing it is
going to hit a car in 10 feet or 10 seconds& simply stop
jawhanging down hand on head and cringe when it finally
hits.Ok im guilty of the first one but FUCKIN'A people.
what would it have hurt to reach out grab the cart and save
a car from a dent?i was driving thru superone when i saw
this actually takeing place i should have thrown my car in
park grabbed the shopping cartbut my drivers side door does
not function from inside so i would of had to roll down my
window( very slowly)and let myself out.or open the
passenger door push tammy out who is all doped up from the
dentist then well i think you get the idea.sigh* im just
saying i know its human nature to be selfish, self
preservation.etc,but damnit i swear were ment to help
eachother Fuckers!maybe we can all start by takeing the
extra step to replace the toilet paper.