Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-01-24 03:04:01 (UTC)

that girl needs therapy...

My stupid mom thinks i need therapy, so she sends me
to a therapist now. hoe did she figure out how depressed i
am, i hide it so well i really do.so she sends me to this
lady that expects me to tell her my feelings and shit and i
dont even trust her, i dont wanna talk to her. she's so
annoying. i dont want her to know about my life, it's none
of her buisness wat goes on in my life. and if my mom was
gonna send me to a therapist at least send me to one under
the age of 60. she's old and doesent know a fucking thing
about anything. she's so stupid, i could be a way better
therapist then her. i actually trhink i would make i really
good one but i'm not sure thats wat i wanna be. because
like me all kids thionk therapists are dumb shits, which
they usually are, but i know i wouldent be one. and i
trhink i would be really good at it, but i jus dont wanna
do it for a living, i mean jesus, who wants to spend there
life working with messed up kids the evory day. jesus

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