The Eye Into My Soul
2002-01-24 02:55:47 (UTC)

Birthday Dinner and Such

I went out with Dirty for my birthday dinner. We went to
Cutter's Roadhouse. It was really yummy steak that I had
there. I'm so happy that Dirty took me out.

Then we went to Wal-mart and I got Scott a Harry Potter
poster. I know how much he likes Harry Potter and he needs
another poster for his room to combat against all of the
religious posters that Dirty has hanging in their room.
Plus, I kinda think I hurt his feelings the other day
because I called his room to ask Dirty to come over and
watch movies and didn't invite him till he asked if he was
invited.(Sorry Scott!)

I have been in a really pissy mood today. I'm not really
sure why but I was kinda mean to my roommate earlier today
when we were buying paint. We are going to paint our room
soon so we had to go get the supplies and I was late for a
meeting that I sort of set up so I was a little irritated.
Anyway, I'm better now and I no longer feel pissy so all is
well with the wolrd.