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2001-04-19 15:33:16 (UTC)

...of idiots


Today I got up with the dreary feeling that I was going to
spend it all at Auntie's house but I didn't because thay
hadn't planned anything, so instead I went to one of my
Mum's appointments and came home... only to become really

**My friend's neck got caught in a zip once, ouch**

So browsing the web aimlessly I did something I'll never
forgive myself for doing, I visited neopets. Ages ago I got
an anonymous e-mail saying I needed a neopet, I became
really mad and sent e-mails to all my friend demanding who
had sent such a message, no one responded but I made it
quite clear that I didn't want to be a part of it, and now
being the hypocrite i am I go there and enjoy it!!
Oh the shame.

**Sunshine, happy, people laughing**

So now I'm a neopets addict, thank god you don't know my
real name! Sorry that that's the highlight of my day, but
hey, no one's forcing you to read it.

**Friday = Funday**


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