Electric monkey
2002-01-24 02:13:00 (UTC)

[1-23-02] been so long

well hello there. i havnt written in this since.. well i
dont even remember the last time i wrote in this. a lot has
happened im sure, since last time i have written in here.
but i wont bore you with the story. so i will only tell
some things for today.
well today, i was driving to school and i had been
listening to the radio. then i noticed the song playing
sounded exactly like radiohead. but i had never heard
radiohead on the radio. so i kept listening, and the lead
singer sounded just like thom york! so then i thought, wow
this band really sounds like radiohead ill have to listen
for their name. but to my surprse it WAS radiohead. heh. a
song on the CD that i dont have of theirs. the song was
called "I might be wrong" and im downloading it right now.
school was the same. had a party in yearbook.
then after school jessica and i stayed after school to
paint some on our painting. Picasso; Still life on a
pedistal. woohoo! got some white done and then all the
yellow, if that means anything.
yep, so now im sitting here, downloading songs. one is
done. it is The Strokes ; Last Night. its ok. i saw them on
SNL, thats where i fist heard the song. then im downloading
that radiohead song, then this frank sinatra song. hey shut
up. right now im talking to this girl on Yahoo messenger.
she really nice. i talk to her almost everytime i log onto
yahoo messenger. shes getting married soon, i think. shes
bound to a wheelchair for some reason or another.
ive been playing Yahoo games a lot. i kicked ass at Gin
tonight! i got 98 points on the first hand!!!!!!!!! out of
100. go me! guess who won that game. lol. =) my total score
for that game was 142/100 pretty good. i raised my rating a
lot, cause i beat everyone i played. woohoo. i only played
3 game though.
im listening to MP3s. radiohead just came on.. Fake PLastic
im doing a picture of Kurt Cobain for my next stained glass
project! its gunna be awesome, if i can make it like i want
it. heheh..
well, i got accepted into college today! i got the packet
from IU today telling me i got in. it was a pretty great
feeling. now i dont have to take the SATs again! yay! im so
glad! heheheh. lala
ok, i think im going to get going now! so, maybe ill write
in this thing more often! bye!