Death to all
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2002-01-24 01:56:10 (UTC)

You lied... I bet you cheated..

You lied...
I bet you cheated too
You didn't tell me things
I told everything to you.

That guy that tried to kiss me
those others that asked me out
you swore to always be faithful
Well...what the hell is this about?

You went out with Liz
and some other Lyssa chick
You didn't tell me a thing
and expect me not to think you're a dick?

I found out from friends
other people that don't lie
people that really care
Steve...you're a true guy.

Guys are players
That's a fact
they said not to love you
and just to play you back

but I trusted you...
I love you--I know
but you poured out lies
like clouds pour out snow

So, I told you
"we're on a break"
I didn't know if I could do it
or how long my heart could take.

I cried so hard that night..
Jeff had to call me on the phone
He refused to treat me like you...
leaving me all alone

So Jeff talked me through the tears
Jeff talked me through the pain
Jeff talked to me through the night
To make sure that I'd be okay.

The next day you called me
Asked me to go somewhere
You sounded quite happy
The break--did you care?

I took it as you didn't
I cried again that night
yet again, Jeff talked to me
and I was okay by the end of the night

So eventually I couldn't take it
It was all too much to go through
so I broke it off last night
and you didn't think I still loved you

It's not a matter of want...
It's a matter of what's best
and if you want to know that
you put yourself to the test

We broke up...
I wish you cared
but you acted like a dick
I didn't see that till later

So I read our convo today
and I just cried at what you said
you were so mean...
I wish I was dead.

You insulted me casually
as if there was nothing wrong with it
well, you know what..
you're really a piece of shit

Just leave me alone for now
maybe I can be your friend
but if this gets any worse
this will be everything's end

Just just realized...
I am so over you
The things you say
the things you do

The words you speak
the way you talk
The job you've got
the way you walk

The way you bluff
the way you lie
the way you keep things
the way you cry

The way you don't care
the way you make me stop too
the way that I said forever
and then you made me not care 'bout you

Well, so, we're done
for always...for good
I don't wanna be your friend
like I should.

We made a promise
So I will try...
but I might not pull through
cause you acted like such a guy

I thought you were different
guess I was wrong
don't even look at me...
I'm moving on.

I'll get someone better
I will...I know.
You know how?
So many people have tole me so.

They said to dump you
give up on romance
but I didn't listen
I wanted to give you another chance

Got screwed over for that...
oh well.
I've got someone better to hope for.
Steve...just go to hell.

yeah...I broke up with Steve last night.

You never thought that would happen...did you?

well, it did. Oh fucking well.

I've got my hopes on someone else now
Can't wait till I'm 23
cause that's when it'll happen
He'll marry me

hahahahahaha, anyway. =)