Baby Story
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2002-01-24 01:32:41 (UTC)

17 wks 1 day

Day two of complete exhaustion. I am dealing a bit better,
no raging fits, tears, or too many complaints...haha. I
have felt some more movement in my belly today, which was
lots of fun! And funny thing, I was walking into the
bathroom at work today (job #1) and another pregnant woman
comes out, and says to her friend "Hey look, its another
one! Must be in the water!" Hahaha, so funny. Guess Im
really starting to show... perfect strangers are making
comments. Don't mind me if I repeat other posts, Im losing
my mind. No, really, I think Im going NUTS! Nelson has
got to agree, I don't remember anything, I can get
sidetracked at the drop of a pin, and well, Im going to
stop now... Im making myself feel bad. LoL. Only 5 months
and 9 days until July 2nd, my due date!!! Lately Ive been
all baby baby baby this, baby baby baby that. Its great,
and Nels is getting so excited too. I would really love to
hear from some of you guys back home! Email me sometime,
because I DO respond, and I miss you all so much!

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