Bonnie Blue Dreams
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2002-01-24 00:56:24 (UTC)


Since Landis got a new job I got to hang out with
some of my friends that I havent hung out with in awhile.
I went to Johns house last Saturday, we had a cook out with
Chris, Ryan, Matt, Kyle, Wes, Morgan, Amanda and Mike. All
but Chris got drunk and ate a bunch of meat and played
pool. I was playing with Ryan and my nail broke in
half...so it was bleeding pretty bad. Matt took me to the
bathroom and fixed me up, it was so disgusting. Chris took
me home and got me some gum at the gas station to hide my
beer breath from momma, Chris is probably my best friend.
Morgan and Wes were sick the whole night and now I'm
Then Saturday night Landis and I were going to go to a
party but it got busted by the cops, we found that out on
out way there so thats a good thing.
Landis is at work right now but he's coming over after
work. He took me home and I made him some lunch before he
went to work. It was fun making him food...but tiring, I
still feel a little sick.

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