shay files
2002-01-24 00:52:09 (UTC)


well.. i was just thinking today about how much my friends
have changed throughout my years in middleschool. i mean i
had a set of friends in like 5 and 6 and then 7 it sorta got
messed up and now i mean i really dont know i hang out w/ a
lot of different people and stuff. its weird i mean some
people i htought i would be friends with forever im not
anymore and it makes me sort of sad. cuz i mean this one kid
i used to hang out with a lot and talk to on the phone we
were so close and then we just sorta stopped talking and i
asked him why and he was like i guess we just hang out with
different set of people. and iw asl ike and htat should
change our friendship? well i guess the friendship wasnt as
good as i thought it was. it makes me sad that things change
like that. but in other ways its better because i will find
friends that are my true friends and stuff and it will be
better for me but its weird to see these people at school
adn see who they are hanging out with and knowing that i
dont hang out with them anymore and they were a part of me
for like half of my life. its weird and hard and sad and
confusing all at the same time... well thats all