It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-24 00:30:54 (UTC)

is there something more, then what i've been handed?

i've been crawling in the dark, looking for the answers.
hoobastank, i went and saw em a few weeks back, they're
definitly a live better, so much better than the album. im
gonna see em open up for 311 in april too. fuckin a, this
girl i don't like that wants to go out with me will not
leave me alone. she keeps IMing me with the dumbest
stuff, "what are you doin?" "what's new and
exciting?" "what have you been up to?" jeez, she's gettin
on my nerves. she even left her coat in my car so id have
to drop it off, and she could have a second chase to kiss
me. word on the streets was she was gonna try on new years,
but i stayed clear of her. i still have her coat too, i've
avoided all contact. oh yeah, it's jill. i've told you
folks about her, she won't leave me alone. always calls my
cell n stuff, email's n shit. whatever. im out, cause im
gonna get me bout 12 hours of sleep.