A Girl's life
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2001-04-19 13:19:23 (UTC)


Man oh man am I tired.I just woke up...sike!I wish!I've
been up since 7 am.That's what time i usually wake up.So
I'm not going to go to school today.Ima go to my friend;s
school.Anyways,I'm ghetto bored.I haven't eaten yet,but I
guess I will in a second.I gots to leave my house by 10am
no frined wil be,tomorrow
night I'm gonna go to NJ.I didnt go last time like I said I
would.I'm most likely gonna meet up with Natalia,and we'll
chill.I also need to get my pics developed.I"m so lazzzy.I
didn't even develop my pics from the OTOWN record release
party.sigh.Well,I'll ttyl

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