Deep Down
2002-01-24 00:17:26 (UTC)

New Voices

It's amazing. I write one entry, and I have all these new
friends......people who feel the same way I do. People who
love their significant other as much as I love mine.
People, who read my words and actually think about them. i
am soo blessed, I can't begin to even explain. Then again,
I feel a weight crashing down upon my heart. Where is she?
Why isn't she here? Why isn't she talking to me?
I am no good.
I don't deserve the love.
Maybe she realized it finally.
Maybe that's why she's not here now.
Maybe that's why I haven't talked to her.
GOD! I just want her to be happy. I live merely to know she
has a smile on her face.....even if the only one I can
receive is in the pictures she sends me. Pictures I'll
cheerish until I die. No words seem good enough. I can't
describe her. Perfect isn't even good enough......

Love Always......waiting in despair and heartache (hope you
didn't die),

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