2002-01-23 23:37:59 (UTC)

More Sports (and Other Topics)

Last night John and I went to the girls' basketball game at
the high school. This isn't something we've done before.
As I explained yesterday, sports is not high on our list of
interests. It's not even ON our lists of interests. We
went because Gavin plays in the pep band. He's played in
the pep band for five years and while we've gone to all his
concerts where he plays in the symphonic band and the jazz
band, we'd never seen the pep band.

The girl's game was good! The Central Linn Lady Cobras
played the Harrisburg Lady Eagles and the game was tied or
close to it throughout until the very end. We won by three
points! There were probably four or five hundred people
there, not surprising really for a small town with nothing
else to do on a weekday night. We've lived here more than
twenty years and recognized most of the people from Central
Linn so there was some chatting on as well.

The best part was listening to the grandma of a player who
sat directly behind us. She was cheering the Lady Cobras
on, yelling comments like "Be tough!" "Great
job!", "Way to go!" I saw John smiling too. She reminded
us of his Grandma Hensley who loved to watch that fake
wrestling on television, except she was absolutely certain
it was all real.

We videotaped Gavin playing a solo when the band did
"Hawaii Five-O" between the girls' and the boys' game and
then we left. Five a.m. comes awful early!
John went to Corvallis yesterday afternoon. He brought Owen
his new printer and scanner and set them up for him and also
bought him a telephone with a built in answering machine.
He reminded Owen to put a message on the machine and
then to actually check for messages once in a while. Owen is
my old soul, my creative and witty boy who loves math and
walks to his own drummer. We've called him our absent
minded professor since he was a toddler. I sent him
cookies, a couple of pieces of pie, oranges, a loaf of bread
and my love.

John ran errands while he was there including buying
himself a pair of slippers and going to the bank. He made a
quick stop at the library. too. I'd given him my library
card so that he could pick up the library books I had on
reserve. One of the books was How to Be a Domestic Goddess.
It isn't a New Age book. It's a book of recipes! The rest
of the book title is: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking.
He said the librarian looked at him kinda funny when she
came to that title. He bet a guy had never checked that
book out before! I didn't take his bet.
I brought Gavin to the doctor this morning because a week
ago he microwaved a burrito and then bit into it without
checking to see how hot it was first. The melted cheese
burned the inside of his cheek badly and it still hurts him.
Dr. Fletchall gave him a prescription for a paste to put on
the burn and penicillin and wants to see him again in a
I was delighted to find smelt in the grocery store this
morning. I haven't seen it in quite a long time and bought
three packages. It used to be so cheap they'd give
it away to use as garden fertilizer but no more. It was
$1.89 a pound, about the same as hamburger so we're having
fried smelt and homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner
tonight! What a treat!