a freak with a heart
2002-01-23 22:33:04 (UTC)

i got a question and need an answer

ok to everyone who reads my diary....i have a problem and i
need some help......


well you all know how much i love my boyfriend
right....well he's ready to have sex and im not ready to be
with him like that yet and he knows that....here comes the
problem......he keeps pressing on the subject, and it's all
he talks about any more. i mean sometimes i get so
uncomfurtable being with him and talking to him cause it's
all he talks about. i mean i know guys are different then
girls when it comes to sex...i mean it's always on there
minds and well for girls well at least a few girls that i
know it's not ALWAYS on there mind but it is in the back of
there heads but they don't always talk about it and all.
well like i said for most girls there are those out there
who are just like guys......but thats not me, and i have
told him that i don't want to always talk about it, and he
trys to tell me that what ever im thinking is just all in
my head and that i need to be over it and that he'll give
me my space on this until im ready but he doesn't. and it
gets me so mad sometime cause he trys to tell me how i'll
act and all. now ok i have gone through a lot of changes
over hte last few months but inside even if my personality
has changed some inside i am still the same, and i know
thta i wouldn't do certian thing and he keeps thinking that
i will and i sometimes get the impression that he thinks
that i have changed in to this person that i don't even
know. and i might have changed some but im still the same
person when it comes ot somethings. i just don't know what
to do, i love him and i don't want to hurt him or get mad
at him but sometimes i just get so sick of hearing about it
that i just want to scream at the top of my lungs and tell
hi that i don't want to hear it, but i can't do that so if
you write to me and give me so what of and idea as to what
i should do please don't suggest that i scream at him!
please i need all he help i can get on this one so girls
and guys please help me out!