The trilogy of my life
2002-01-23 22:18:13 (UTC)

You think but then.........

I think today was good, in ROTC i was shooting rifles today
and i thought i did good. standing i got a 56 out of 100
kneeling i got 74 and lying down i got 87 it was great.
When i got home it turned out that my mom got fired from
her job and now we will be even poorer than before. my
parents are the ones who usually pay for most of things
(only the necesties)sp sorry, well now i fell like i need
to do something so that they won't ever need to give me
money or stuff. I hope that things will get better from
here for my mom, ever since the brain surgery my mom had i
think that the work has been looking for reasons to fire
her. well gonna go now i'm going to help my mom