a freak with a heart
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2002-01-23 21:49:17 (UTC)

A step in the right direction

Dear Diary,

i had a good day today! i decided that right now my
boyfriend means the most to me and no matter what i should
always have time for him! and i decided that every day i am
going to leave him an email just to say hi and let him know
im thinking of him. i am going to be the most loving and
caring girlfriend ever. i am going to make sure he knows at
all times how much i love him. i hope this will start to
make him feel better.
is't such a change to feel happy, i mean i have no
worries, nothing to think about, i can consintrate on
getting better and out of this depression. im starting to
make ppl smile again like i used to, and i am back to not
caring what ppl think aobut be and can really be myself
again. i feel so good i just hope it lasts a little longer
this time then it did last time. hopefully i can stay this
happy for a few weeks maybe, but i doubt it! but to
everyone out there who reads this, remember there is always
hope no matter how bad you think it is. it will get better,
even if it's only for a few days it's better then nothing
right....keep the hope and keep on caring about the ones
you love