*blank stare*
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2002-01-23 21:47:47 (UTC)


1) Name: Mandy
3) Zodiac sign: Cancer
4) Sex: With Bob
5) What time is it?: 4:23 pm


6) Slept in your bed: me, so far as I know...
7) Saw you cry: Bob, Picard, Jacob, Momma and Daddy, all at
8) Made you cry: Jon Frances
9) Spend the night at your house: Bob, Jacob, Picard,
Norty, Kat, Bri
10) You shared a drink with: Bri, as in I stole some of his
11) You went to the movies with: Bob, Jacob, Jon, Picard
12) You went to the mall with: Bob, Noah, Tiff, Maria, Kieth
13) Yelled at you: Daddy
14) Sent you an email: Chole
15) Said they were going to kill you: Said they thought
about it: Jon B. Said they wanted to: Brent Fields.
16) Said "I love you" and meant it: Bob, at least I hope
he did...


17) Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc.?:
yes, my cat Satan and my one- eyed girbil, Nicodemus aka
18) Been to New York?: Was supposed to...
19) Been to Florida?: at age 12
20) California?: summer after 11th grade
21) Hawaii?: no
22) Mexico?: no
23) China?: nope
24) Canada?: never
25) Danced naked?: The Mattress Mombo
26) Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the
next day?: ayuh
27) Stalked someone?: many moons ago
28) Had a mud bath?: sure
29) Wished you were the opposite sex?: only during rag- time
30) Had an imaginary friend?: a squirrel
31) What time is it?: 4:30

32) Apples or bananas?: Nine Inch Nails
33) Red or blue?: Red
34) Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: Nine Inch Nails
5) WalMart or Target?: Wal- Mart
36) Spring or fall?: Well, Springing hurts my bad knee and
Falling hurts my face...
37) Santa or Rudolph?: *sighs* Nine Inch Nails
38) Math or English?: English

39) What are you going to do after you finish this
survey?: EAT!
40) What was the last food you ate?: Pretzels and a
chocolate cruller
41) High school or college?: *snicker* niether
42) Are you bored?: If I had something productive to do, I
wouldn't be wasting my time on this
43) How many buddies are on?: 21
44) Last movie you saw?: on video: The Fast and the
Furious. At the theaters: The Lord of the Rings *moment of
reverent silence*
45) Last noise you heard?: My keyboard keys clacking


46) Laughs the weirdest?: uh...
47) Will grow up and be a model?: Bri, cause I makes him
48) Going to have the most kids?: Kat and Mike shall have
many kittens...
49) Have you known the longest?: out of all my friends:
Maria. Out of my group: Jon B
50) Is the loudest?: After me? Robin or Jess
51) Is the quietest?: Bri or Allie
52) Do you have the most classes with?: heh?
54) Is the funniest?: I could sit here a thousand years and
still not be able to answer that one
55) Is the moodiest? Steph
56) Can you tell most of your secrets to?: Kat and Mike. No
57) Do you usually go to about all of your problems?: Bob,
Kat, and Mike


58) Last time you went out of the state: 2 weekends ago, to
Bob's house
59) Lucky number: 10940... for those of you who are
wondering, if any, that's John Lennon's Birthday... 10/9/40
60) Things you like in a girl/guy?: I like them to be Bob.
61) Weirdest thing about you?: *snicker* I don't believe in
the concept of "wierd"... but ask my friends, I'm sure they
can come up with several answers
62) Do you have a crush on someone?: Other than Bob...
Trent Reznor and Tim Curry
63) Do they know?: I think Bob has an idea... and so do
Trent and Tim, or so I figure by the restraining orders...
64) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Happily, yes
65) What's his/her name? Bob
66) What do you think of ouija boards?: Good for a laugh
67) What book are you reading now?: The Hobbit
68) What's on your mouse pad?: my mouse
70) Favourite magazine?: Magazines upset me.
71) Favourite sound?: Bob's voice
72) Worst feeling in the world?: lonliness
73) What is the first thing you think when you wake in the
morning?: "Fuck, I dont wanna get up"
74) Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters: NOOOO
75) How many rings before you answer?: depends where I am,
what I am doing, etc.
76) Future daughter's name?: Bob wants "jessica"... i'm
rooting for Arwen
77) Future son's name?: Bob likes "Alexander"... I prefer
78) Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate
79) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: An ancient doggie
puppet, and my real kitties, Ziggy and Satan
80) If you could have any job you wanted, what would it
be?: Screen Printing at JSR Distrobutions
81) What is your favourite snapple?: Raspberry Iced Tea
82) Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: I'd give my
right arm to be ambidexterous
83) Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: and
the left keys too
84) What's under your bed?: God only knows... I'm afraid to
85) Favourite sport to watch?: None
86) What time is it?: 4:44... and now it's suppertime! (Yay
Little Shop!)


Current Music: My tummy swearing at me in Spanish
Quote of the Day: "Yeah, you look scary, but I know you're
a big cuddly teddy bear on the inside." - Me
"Don't tell anyone, you're ruin my reputation." - Travis

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