Lifes Strifes and Simple Moments
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2002-01-23 21:22:55 (UTC)

on my old crush

josh is back in my health class and is still as big
a flirt as ever.... hes got blonde hair and baby blue eyes
with yellow and green specks swirled around in them~~ i
still think hes cute but how come hes flirts with every
other girl but not with me?? he pretened to kiss meredith
on the way to virgia to a competition ~~~~~~~ oh yeah at
nationals we're 2nd in the country ~ go us NNMK 4 ever!~~~~
and has just gotten to were he talks to me again!!! all i
want is for some one to find me pretty and sweet and to
like me as more than a friend but as it stands i'm lucky to
have any guys as just friends!! ok that was very dumb and something
only stupid me would write ~ hahahahaha ~ ok ~ i really really really
need a life! :))