Lifes Strifes and Simple Moments
2002-01-23 21:16:43 (UTC)

on my health class

ok like we were sitting in health today talking about the
features smokers have and one of them was yellow teeth ~
and that b*****d patrick leans up to trey and
goes "mrs. s!!" and laughs.... well i looked at
that idiot and i said "i'll have you know you ignorant
boy that she got her teeth messed up in a terrible car
crash that killed 3 people, sent her 3 sisters and 2 little
brothers to the hospital and killed her neighbor. she
can't help the way she looks like you can't help how you stupid
you are or how ugly you look." boy did that ever shut him
up!! and trey goes "yeah man, i forgot to tell you mrs.
s's daughter was in our class"

and one things for darn sure~~ if he says anything sideways
about my mama's teeth or about anyone i care about i'll
knock the crap out of him ~ even if he is b.e.h.