2002-01-23 20:24:14 (UTC)

check this out!

We made a website with friends here. Betsy is the founder
of the site - since I have no clue of how to set one up.
You should check it's funny. m/bitches.html

We'll be updating it with new pics and stories of our many
adventures. It's reminiscent of US moments, and I'm sure
that's why I love them so much here.

I'm going to see my voice teacher in an hour. I think that
I'm going to get in. Why think anything else, right?
Positivity reflects in my being, and will bring my voice

I love you guys.
I was feeling icky earlier today, but now I feel better. I
had lunch by myself b/c my girlies were all sleeping.
Funny, I'm getting up earlier here than I did at home.
Maybe it's just habit.
Can't wait to get my glasses, I've been having major
headaches. I can't imagine how you deal, Beth.

Iffy, I'm glad your seminar rocks!
Sara, for goodness sakes don't push yourself with the
ankle. Take time off of it if need be. You don't always
have to be wonder woman. Getting the police escort sounds

luv ya'll