DayDream Believer
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2002-01-23 19:36:29 (UTC)


I dont feel anything any more.
Its strange, all I ever care about is to sleeep. When I get
home from school the first thing I do is to go bed, then
homework and a litte walk with the dog`s before I go to bed
agen and sleep til next morning.
Its like nothing really mattes for me anymore, why?
Whats wrong with me?
Its not like Im tired all the time, I just wanna sleep.
Sometimes at night I cant sleep since I`ve been sleping all
day long so I lay awake half the night.

Dante got home today, oh I really hate him!!!!!
Sometimes I really wish he just could die in some stupid
car acsident. Whats wrong with me?
You`re not supose to wish other people dead, I`ve never
done that before. Im so mean....

Im working this weekend, next weekend Im gonna do that
thing with Stian`s brother.
Bouth Ed and Matt has asked me out, but I guess I just say

Mo`s home agen from the army no...
Oh, I just remember that I forhot to tell you, last
Satturday he was sending me messages on my phone asking if
I wanted to sleep with him.
I was just like WHAT???
You have a grilfriend sir and as far as my memory goes you
just told me right before you`re party that you could`nt
understand how people could cheet on each other. H e would
be scared to death that his girl would find out.
And then, three weeks later he calles and ask if I would
like to do something like that with him?
The first thing was like, hey, what about you`re girl
friend, and all that stuff you told me.
Later on I was stupid enugh to play along, so he might
think that I want to do that.
But no, of ciuse Im not gonna sleep with him , he got the
sweetest gilfriend on earth. I`ve only meet her like two
times, but I would never do anything like that to her:-)
Mo told me that they has some sexual problems, hehe, that
guy tell me everything about him self.
But still, if he`s gonna have sex with some other girl (not
me) Im gonna tell him to break up with his girlfriend
first, she dont deserve to get hurt that way.


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