lost and confused
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2002-01-23 18:07:48 (UTC)

well he finally called. he was..

well he finally called. he was gentle at first about asking
if I was ok. then he started getting angry because i feel
he needs to back to his wife. he says it does't matter that
she still loves him, it's how he feels, but i need to get
out of his life because i'm the one that gets hurt at the
end. because she still loves him, he still has to show
affectionate to her other wise she might get suspicious
about him seeing someone. he says he loves me and not her,
but i know better. i need to be strong and let this go.
i've been trying to call him, but he turned off his phone
so means she is around. i quit calling because it doesn't
matter what i say anymore. the bottom line is that i need
to stop seeing him. it's the hardest thing i will go
through, but i did it to myself for seeing a married man. i
don't blame anyone but myself. it just hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! i
don't know what else to say, i'm just numb and falling down.