Evil Elvis
2002-01-23 16:35:46 (UTC)

What's that for Daddy????


Wednesdays? What's that all about?? It's kinda a weird day,
it's in the middle of the week, so although you know you've
got another 2 days of work to go, there's a sense of
elation because you've made it through the first 2 days of
the week (or maybe that's just me??)

Mum and Dad went on holiday today...I swear my parents are
tax-exiles! They're never in the bloody country!! Good luck
to them I reckon, I've not had a holiday for about 7 years,
could really do with a break...nah I'm not gonna moan
before you start, feeling pretty sprightly today because....

I'VE LOST ALMOST A STONE!!!! Honest I have....I can't
remember the last time I weighed myself but it was towards
the end of last year and I am a stone down since then :)
This pleases me!!! A LOT!!! can you tell?? :)

Not much else to talk about so I guess I'll go and try to
look busy....actually, as there's no-one else here but me,
fuck looking busy-I'm gonna sit n read for the next hour
and then head off...the joys of being left in charge ;)

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