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2002-01-23 16:16:51 (UTC)

the 3 little penis's

Have any of you read any Grimm brother fairy tales? Im not
talking about those Disney candy coated sing-a-longs...Im
talking the twisted evil bile coming from the minds of some
really Fucked Up German brothers. Thats capital F, capital
U...as in FUCKED UP.
Anyways, Im contiplating what wonderful bedtime stories I
should give my daughter as she grows up into
adolescence...Somehow I think the Little Red RidingHood
story where they cut open the wolfs stomach to save Granny
then dump a bunch of stones in there so he will drown in the
lake, just seems like the thing that will seriously warp a
young childs mind.
I remember reading about a porn called the 3 little Penis's
where the big bad wolf had to fuck the 3 little piglettes
while they blew his fuzzy member...Kind of the "Ill huff and
Ill puff and Ill blow your rocks off" imagery. Im thinking
that may also be unappropriate for my baby.
Japan has got a few Fairy tales of their own, but they
invovle giant deamons and naked 7 year old boys with
swords...ummm is that OK?
Ahhh fuck it Ill wait till she actually understands my
language first.