lost and confused
2002-01-23 15:16:02 (UTC)

Oh what a web we weave!

Well I know why he didn't call yesterday. His wife got a
hold of the cell phone and read the text msgs. I didn't
write anything that was a love letter. but she called the
number that had sent the msg, which was my cell number. she
wanted to know who I was and why I left a msg on her cell
phone. The thing is, I bought and pay the service on that
cell phone, so it's not hers, but she doesn't know that. I
had got it of him so we can stay together. How stupid of
me. Know she has it and I'm paying for it. He hasn't called
me so far today. I don't know what to tell him when he
does. This affair is over! I can't do this anymore. I knew
it would be hard because he is married, but I really have
no one to blame but myself. His wife as no idea, at least i
don't think she does, about me and the cell phone. I need
to get that cell phone back because I pd for it and paying
for the service. I'm so scared everytime the phone rings
because I think it is him trying to get a hold of me. I
know he denied me to his wife. I knew this wouldn't be easy
when I got into this relationship, but I didn't realize it
would be this hard. We both fell deeply in love with
eachother, and things have gotten out of control. I have to
end it because i'm the one getting hurt. I paid for this
relationship. He gets to have his cake and eat it too.
that's not fair. but like i said, it's my fault. i hope i
am strong enough to end it. he has nothing to loose, i have
already lost alot!